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Start Writing Your Screenplay Like a Pro!

Access SIX FREE Screenwriting Lessons From The Screenplay Crash Course and Learn About Screenplay Format, Story Structure, Characters, Loglines, Conflict & Much More!

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What will you learn in this free trial?

  • Screenplay Format: How to read and write a screenplay in the correct format.
    • In Module 9: Screenplay Format – Lesson 1: Screenplay Format
  • Screenplay Structure: You will learn about the Hero’s Journey to help structure your story.
    • In Module 5: The Hero’s Journey – Lesson 1: The 12 Stages
  • Characters: How to write a compelling protagonist, the hero of your story.
    • In Module 8: Character Development – Lesson 1: The Protagonist
  • Logline: Before you begin writing a screenplay, write a lot of loglines!
    • In Module 4: High Concept – Lesson 2: Logline
  • Conflict & Stakes: You will learn why conflict & stakes are crucial elements in all stories.
    • In Module 2: Story Structure – Lesson 2: Conflict & Stakes
  • Screenwriting Software: You will learn about the best free and paid screenwriting software.
    • In Module 9: Screenplay Format – Lesson 3: Screenwriting Software

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What is the Screenplay Crash Course?

The Screenplay Crash Course is a step-by-step system that helps you write a screenplay using a proven story structure. It is made up of 10 modules and 35 video lessons all about screenwriting. You can learn more about it and purchase the full course at

Or, start with the Free Trial and get a feel for what goes into writing a screenplay.

The free trial is jam packed with must-know information to get you started on your screenplay.

After you’ve gone through the free trial, you should realize you can do this! You can write a screenplay!

It’s simply a matter of learning some key fundamentals about storytelling and screenwriting. The Screenplay Crash Course makes the entire process of writing a screenplay from beginning to end as easy as possible.

  • Imagine you have the knowledge to write an incredible screenplay.
  • Imagine how much fun it will be to write a screenplay that you created! Using your unique imagination and your new screenwriting skills.
  • Imagine the impact your story can have on the world!

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